August has been packed with action for Ribs Within, Bacon Guru, Shiva Que, and of course for me. Here is the recap so far…

It started with a trip to Iceland to create my Bacon Guru Uncured Bacon using Ribs Within Seasonings and pork bellies from a farm in Iceland. I was on Icelandic radio to talk Bacon and Burgers, on TV when The United Church of Bacon Married 2 sheep, on the internet news the day of the festival, and in the Sunday paper food section this past week.

Then I came home on Tuesday night, slept Wednesday, and got ready for Double Competition Grilling/BBQ. We cooked 4 great entries for grilling and won the Grilling Championship! Wendy led us through Pizza (7th), Ribs Within Triple B and Bacon Guru Bacon led us through Bacon wrapped (4th) and Rib Eye (6th), and Rub4All helped my apple dessert (cookie) win 4th place. Four top tens and we¬† took the grand. We didn’t fair so well in the BBQ Comp but it didn’t matter.

Next up is The Kosher BBQ Contest, Havin a Grilla, in Wynnwood, PA. Our Kosher Team “Shiva Que” will be looking for its first Grand Championship after 2 Reserve Grands, 1 3rd place and 1 fifth place. We will be using “Bubbe’s Secret Seasonings” for the first time in Competition.